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a (very long) conversation with dopplr’s matt jones

March 27, 2008 10 comments

Over at the AP blog, I put some excerpts from my interview with Adaptive Path’s good friend Matt Jones of Dopplr. Peter suggested that I use my personal blog for the “DVD extras” (as he put it), so I’m posting the entire 2 hour IM interview here. It’s long, it’s weird, and it was seriously a lot of fun. I hope you dig it.

And oh, hey, if you decide to register for MX, be sure to use FORF as your registration code (as in “Friend of Ryan Freitas”) for an additional 10% off!

Interview with Matt Jones

Ryan Freitas: Thank you for agreeing to chat prior to your appearance at MX next month.

Matt Jones: No problem! Or ‘np’ as they say on the internet.

RF: Will the talk you’re doing be similar to your IXDA presentation?

MJ: My IxDA presentation was about process and form in a way – how my way of working has been changed by new tools and new ways of developing. It was also about the nature of designing services that have a geospatial and time-based component. Hence it’s title “Designing for Spacetime.”

RF: I enjoyed the hell out of that talk.

MJ: Thanks! My MX talk will be more generally about the social component.

RF: Oh good. That’s actually part of your talk that I wanted to discuss.

MJ: But! It’s hard to get me off the spacetime subject… It’s a continuum…

RF: Of course. And we’ll get to THAT too. But I wanted to get deeper into something you mentioned in your “Spacetime” talk… because you actually did me a huge favor by mentioning Jyri Engestrom and “social objects.” Discussion of social objects actually gets us to Grant Morrison in two moves. [smile]

MJ: Yahtzee!

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prenzlauer berg

October 10, 2006 2 comments

berlin streetscape #3

My project manager Rachel and I are staying and working in Prenzlauer Berg, quite the gentrified little neighborhood in the North Eastern portion of Berlin. This area was apparently a crowded residential section for workers in the ’40s, so it survived Allied bombing during WWII – unlike the surrounding industrial neighborhoods. The architecture of the apartment buildings that surround us dates to the late 1800s – it’s unbelievable.

The streets are an uneven warren that is kinda delightful to get lost in. There’s little shops and cafes all over, and the weather is making it far more pleasant to be outside than in. Glad I brought my heavy coat, though – it’s sunny and bright, but still cold in the mornings and evenings.

Rae and I are doing quite well, though the jet lag is kicking both our asses. My joint saviors are melatonin and the local coffee, which is criminally (and unexpectedly) good. Blue Bottle‘s got nothing on the stuff you can get at any cafe within a stone’s throw.

We are at the Plazes office, currently, getting fully immersed in their multitude of offerings. Their office is located inside an old brewery that’s been converted to a cultural center. The whole thing is massive; there’s a movie theater, a super market, shops and offices for cultural ministries and startups. I’ll take some pictures shortly.

Our meetings with the entire team have been great, and I’m getting to know roles, responsibilities, current work… we’re getting set up so we can operate as part of the team, whether we’re here or back in SF. We’ve certainly got our work cut out for us, but the Plazes guys have a great team, and I’m looking forward to be working along side them.

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