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advertising has a future

June 20, 2007 5 comments

Of that much I’m certain. It’s the particulars I’m hazy on.

My panel today at Supernova was interesting, if overlong – I tend to think that 90 minutes is a stretch. Still, Deborah Schultz did a good job of keeping things moving, asking a variety of questions that had all of us engaged. I wasn’t exactly taking notes, but here’s my breakdown* of how those 90 minutes got spent:

04 minutes – Dick bemoaning the sorry state of online discussion of the Croissanwich
02 minutes – References to Hagelian Dialectic
03 minutes – Me comparing advertising platforms to “small, stupid, eager to please dogs”
07 minutes – Ev displaying a laid-back attitude towards advertising/commerce in general
02 minutes – Technorati plugs
02 minutes – Feedburner plugs
05 minutes – Super Deluxe plugs
02 minutes – Twitter plugs
02 minutes – Cisco plugs
01 minutes – Ev namechecking Tia Tequila
03 minutes – Ev and I trying to figure out if product placement even works anymore
08 minutes – Members of the audience accusing us of being arrogant
08 minutes – Me thinking some in the audience were a little smug themselves
43 minutes – Assorted commentary, forecasting, and nonsense

I think it all worked out rather nicely. Ev remarked afterwards how odd it was that a panel devoted to online advertising never once made reference to Adwords. So it was definitely not a typical industry panel, I’d surmise, though I’ve never actually attended an advertising panel before, much less spoken on one.

I’m thinking that the guy from Nielsen Netratings who spoke up about metrics and accountability should have been on the panel, too. I’ve realized in hindsight that there’s a discussion that’s waiting to happen between the people building these platforms and those who’re looking to populate (and effectively fund) them.

More conversation seems to be necessary.

(* not real numbers)

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this week

June 18, 2007 Leave a comment

Some last-minute travel for Peterme has got me filling in for him on his panel at Supernova this Wednesday, “The Changing Forces in Advertising.” It goes from 10.30am to noon – here’s the description:

“The Changing Forces in Advertising”
Panelists: Deb Schultz (Discussion Lead; MMI, Inc), Leszek Izdebski (Cisco), Ted Shelton (Technorati), Dick Costolo (Feedburner), Ryan Freitas (Adaptive Path) , Evan Williams (Obvious Corp.)
Where’s the money? How important is this question in discussing the future of advertising? If business is invested in more traditional advertising, what will happen as individuals continue to exercise their increasing power? Will business listen and adjust, or will outside forces ultimately effect change? This debate examines the many sides of this issue.

Swing by if you’re attending, the conversation is sure to be interesting.

My colleague Andy and I will also be attending the OmniFocus demo at the SF Apple Store on Thursday night. Hope to see you there.

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wrapping up in london

April 19, 2007 Leave a comment


Yesterday was Future of Web Design, and it seems from the initial feedback that my presentation was well-received. The conference itself was a wonderful experience for me as a speaker. The Carson Systems team are remarkable hosts, and they run a hell of a well-organized event.

I’ve just finished some shopping and an afternoon pint in Soho, and am looking forward to dinner with some old friends. London’s a wonderful town, and when the weather is as nice as it is, its a hard town to leave. Regardless, I’m on the afternoon flight from Heathrow tomorrow. More details about the presentation and the day when I return.

where to find me

March 5, 2007 Leave a comment


This week starts off a couple months of conference madness. The itinerary looks a little more full than it actually is – there’s a nice break between SXSW and FoWD. Here’s the schedule:

So far I’m not scheduled to do any panels at SXSW or Mix, but will be paneling at VIP. I’m currently doing a “User Experience 101” presentation at FoWD, but it’s morphing into something I’m calling “Just the Right Bullets” about designing for the evolution of products. If you’re attending any of the above, please feel free to drop me a line to get together – I’ll be using Plazes and Twitter to handle updates and coordinate with people.

thoughts on >play

November 18, 2006 1 comment


Had a grand time at >play today, over at Berkeley’s Haas Business School.

My panel, Transforming Old to New Media, was a hell of a lot of fun for something that started before noon on a Saturday. Paul Cloutier is REALLY nice and has great ideas about pretty much everything. With him, he had the latest issue of JPG Magazine, the beautiful evidence of his collaboration with Heather and Derek and the outrageously talented community that makes up Flickr. Get yourself a subscription!

Despite sparring with both of them about intellectual property and the future of media, I did truly enjoy meeting David Ring and Ahmad Ouri. David in particular was able to speak passionately about the personal cost of the tumult that has effected the music industry over the last decade. While I left not particularly agreeing with his views, I felt I’d gained some insight.

I stuck around through lunch for the User Generated Content panel. Ev and Micki were both on it, along with my Sphere co-conspirator Mary Hodder. Everyone did their best to keep up with moderator Mike Arrington, who kept the conversation crackling and changed tracks often enough to keep everyone off guard. Not a whole lot was said about what’s so special about “UGC” (the panelists and I all agree that there is something terribly ugly about that word and how it is used), but the focus of the talk wandered from that to the death of the New York Times and the power of Digg. All standard Arrington tropes, but it was neat to see him work the panel and the crowd – more than anything, that guy looks like he’s having a hell of a lot of fun.

[Note to Mike: you’d find plenty of decent corner bakeries if you’d just leave the Valley more often. I promise. Try Tartine.]

[update: There were a couple funny moments during the panel, and one of them has apparently gotten written up over at Valleywag.]

Congrats to Andy Kiang and Andy Taylor and all the rest of the students who put a ton of hard work into making >play happen this year. I was flattered to be invited to contribute, and enjoyed the entire day.

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easily distracted

October 8, 2006 Leave a comment

You’d be forgiven for thinking I haven’t read or thought about collaboration since I did my presentation at this years User Experience Week. My posts on that subject (like others) come in flurries, and go away pretty quickly. I’m still paying attention. Here, look at this:

The guys over at 37signals posted about their use of lightweight status messages to keep one another aware of what they’re working on. Says Matt: “In the morning, when we log in to Campfire, we each do an [IN] post that reveals our plan for the day. It’s just a few lines or maybe a paragraph.”

My presentation on collaboration at UX week included a piece on communicating snippets of status as an easy way to passively collaborate within a distributed team. I focused on using IM status messages, Flickr and Twitter to broadcast presence, to dos and non-interuptive invitations. Seeing the way 37signals uses Campfire, I’ll be certain to include it and how they make use if it in future versions of my presentation.

The research I did for that talk is finding new life now that I’ll be working with Andy Kiang and the folks putting together Berkeley’s >play Digital Media Conference. They’re looking for the best means to let attendees share their conference experience and thoughts with one another. Additionally, it looks like I’ll be speaking on a panel devoted to the impact of digital media distribution on established content producers. More details as I get them.

exposing the components of collaboration

August 1, 2006 3 comments

I mentioned the productivity, yes? I’m getting ready for User Experience Week, specifically for my talk on Facilitating Collaboration.

While the meat of the deck I’m developing is a showcase for technologies I think really work well for lightweight collaboration, I’ve been trying to tease out some themes that place all of those tools in a larger context. That’s required a lot of reading, and I thought I’d offer up some of the links I’ve gathered while I put the deck together.

There’s more, certainly. If you’re headed to DC, be sure to let me know. I always present better when I know who I’m talking to.

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