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Week 23

December 11, 2009

With twenty days remaining in the year, there’s about six blank pages left in my current, much-abused Moleskin. With the amount of work that’s going on, I’m fairly certain I’ll be breaking in the next before New Year’s Eve.

Last week’s opportunities have sorted themselves out, and it’s clear what I’ll be working on in the weeks and months to come, though timing is still a little up in the air. End of the year is always like that. I’ve had meetings this week with both my accountant and tax planner, and we’re looking to close 2009 on some very positive notes.

Speaking of positive notes, the holiday season got off to a rousing start with some great parties from the folks at Social Cast, Kissmetrics, Mule Design and Kicker. It’s amazing that anyone get anything done with all the festivities, but everyone I’ve been speaking to says business is good, bordering on great. The economy may have done some damage to the availability of venture capital, but startups and the agencies who serve them seem to be pretty healthy.

Best non-party work event of the week was certainly the Quantified Self meetup at Wired on Monday night. Excellent presentations from the WakeMate guys, plus Dave deBronkart (aka ePatientDave), Esther Dyson, Ashley Tudor and Jen McCabe of Contagion Health. I’m most interested in learning more about actigraphy, especially with its potential for valuable insights when combined with historical infographics.

One more week of work before the holiday shut-down. I’m hoping the effort I’ve put in over the last two weeks helps Second Verse come out of the gates sprinting in January.

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