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Three songs that got Plinky built

January 22, 2009

Bankrobber by The Clash

The Clash’s experiments with dub and raggae are some of the most perfect work songs ever. You can shout along with Mick Jones as he breaks down the divide between rich and poor, or just nod your head to the wacked out beat while you push pixels. I played this track a ton after digging up my copy of “Sandanista!” while we were finishing the production cycle for Plinky.

Wolf Like Me by TV on the Radio

The driving back-beat is perfect for getting fired up and rolling up your sleeves. After the fourteenth hour at the office, taking energy from whatever sources you can find is kind of essential. TV on the Radio provides the best and most necessary hit of adrenalin when I absolutely need it most.

Fortune by The Marked Men

As a fan of Rocket From the Crypt/The Sultans/Night Marchers, I’m aware that I’ve got a huge love for a very specific variety of fuzzed out Garage Rock. The Marked Men provide Ramones-fast, bottom heavy and lyrically complex odes to girls, money and other f-ed up situations that I seriously can’t get enough of. This song is off a new EP that I’m still trying to find on vinyl. So. Damn. Good.

Plinky is about to launch. There’s a lot to say about what we built, but I figured I’d say a couple words about the music we actually built it to. Each of these songs are responsible for me spending at least a few more minutes banging on parts of the interface until they worked.

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