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The Credit Reel

January 22, 2009

I’m a fan of giving credit where it’s due, and so I’m happy to proclaim my gratitude to the following people for everything they did to make today’s launch of Plinky possible. The last few months would have been a hell of a lot more difficult without their help, support, kind words and advice.

The style council: Mike Monteiro, Erika Hall, Rebecca Bortman, Lori Chambers & Ryan Hoguet at Mule Design

Huge thanks to the gang at Mule for creating the unique and wonderful look of Plinky. You guys were the first to really get enthusiastic about what we were trying to accomplish. Thank you for all your help.

The muscle: Chris Wetherell, Ryan King, Dave Le and Matthew Levine

Three cheers for the guys who lent a hand during our crazy production cycle to beef up the team and get things from design to built in short order. You each did a hell of a job, and we were glad to have your assistance.

The advisors: Biz Stone, Maggie Mason, and Vanessa Fox

You couldn’t ask for better advice on product, content, audience and intelligent SEO. I especially want to thank Maggie for her sharp eye and commitment to the core idea – she provided a valuable perspective as our ideas around audience and offering evolved.

The Plinky team: Jason, Wes, Grant, Corinna, Michael, Zack, and Sim

East Bay represent. I hope y’all already know, but you rock. Nice work.

The support system: My (amazingly patient and lovely) wife Kristen, my brother Richard, my mom and dad, the guys at Small Batch, old colleagues at Adaptive Path (esp. Rae, Brandon, Henning & Dan H.), Jody, Dan and Jen at Kicker Studio, Liz Danzico, Adam Greenfield, Kristina Halvorson, Brian Oberkirch, Ryan McCormack, Matt Jones, Laura & Tej and everyone who agreed to take part in the preview in November (but didn’t agree to get follow-spammed by He Who Must Not Be Named – my bad) *

Each of you did or said something that helped me keep my shit together (or gather it back once I lost it) over the past few months. I’m in your debt. Thanks.

* If I forgot anyone, I apologize – please recall I’ve been up since last Thursday.

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