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SXSW panel proposals

Panel descriptions are due today – here are the two I got in under the wire. When they show up on the panel picker, do me a favor and vote for ’em! [And if you see your name below, um, consider this my invitation to join me onstage!]

“Do You Have to Disappear Completely to Get Things Done?”
Intermediate Panel Discussion (Philosophical)
Category: Business
“With all the work of managing your identity and presence online, how is anyone supposed to get any actual work done? We’ll talk to a number of accomplished designers and entrepreneurs about how they keep up their appearance online while managing to stay focused and get things done.”

– Lifehacks for managing blogs, vlogs and presence applications online
– Lightweight tips for staying productive in the face of distractions
– Insight into how people are using (and abusing) online apps to (mis-)represent themselves

“Bringing Your Web-Based Service to Mobile”
Intermediate Panel Discussion (Technical)
Category: Mobile/Wireless
“The iPhone launch put a magnifying glass on applications that are serving (and growing!) their audiences via mobile offerings. From SMS to widgets to full-fledged applications, we’ll discuss what makes sense when bringing ostensibly web-based applications to mobile, and what it takes to get them launched.”

– Sorting out what’s appropriate (and what’s not) for bringing your application to SMS/mobile
– Lessons learned from building cross-channel applications
– Strategies for growing your user base using lightweight version of your online application

(Jeff Croft, I’m looking at you for this one)

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  1. July 20, 2007 at 3:48 pm

    Count me in. 🙂

    Seriously — I was just thinking, “I need to get myself onto a panel or two for next year!” So, if you end up doing it, definitely hit me up.

    (Thank God for me ego — if I didn’t have a NetNewsWire smart search for “Items with my name in them,” I’d probably not have read this thoroughly enough to catch it.)

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