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jacks of all trades

From Matt Jones’ thoughtful new post, “Design is Seedy“:

I wonder how many Seedcamp teams will have a interaction designer on board, as part of the core – or even a designer as the lead entrepreneur?

Are they going to bake great design in from the get-go, or put lipstick on their baby gorillas?

I think it will be the former.

I’m trying to remember who pointed this out to me, but it seems to increasingly be the case that the successful entrepreneurs are the ones who can simultaneously nail the experience/service/product design and code the thing from scratch.

After talking with Ryan Singer (of 37signals) at FoWD in London this year, I’m happy to point to him and his work on Highrise as a grand example of this trend. I’m of the belief that as talented as he is, there’s a lot more engineers of his hybrid skill set out there. I believe that the core skills of the “interaction design” crowd are becoming increasingly more common in the ranks of young coders.

To be honest, I couldn’t be happier to see that.

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