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taking google reader offline

Having traded my desktop app RSS aggregator for Google Reader some time ago, I’ve been frustrated about not being able to take my feeds with me – I am, in fact, on a plane pretty darn frequently. So in all of the hubub surrounding the Google Gears launch, it was fantastic to find this note from the Google Reader team:

As of today, you can use Google Reader offline. Now you can access your favorite feeds in the Golden Gate Park, on the chinatown express, or even traveling 35,000 ft above the Atlantic.

I got Gears installed with a little bit of trouble – it crashed Firefox while trying to relaunch – and loaded up Reader to check out how the new process works.

taking Google Reader offline

I composited my screenshots of the layers Reader displays to give an idea as to the flow. As you can see, it’s pretty straightforward, and gives fairly decent prompts and communication regarding state. To be clear, the walkthrough text seems to be an artifact of first-time use; the icon, progress and status messages are the only thing you see after going offline for the first time.

More than anything, I’m happy I can take my feeds offline, especially since it looks like the long-promised municipal wi-fi network in SF is encountering ever bigger snags.

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  1. john
    June 1, 2007 at 3:11 pm

    glad to see your chancing comments again.

    yeah, i’m pretty psyched about gears also, but man… i have a lot of feeds to download.

    makes me wonder if i should consider an offline reader again. funny how it goes full-circle like that.

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