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April 11, 2007

I’ve started an image only blog using Tumblr. I find stuff I like and post it nice and quick – it’s available here.


WordPress was kind enough to erase this post TWICE when I tried to add an image to it, so I guess the issues around quick and painless addition of media to blog posts haven’t really been solved. I did get an opportunity a long while back to work on a prototype posting interface that made media and link posting easy and natural – like a simple extension of the browsing and discovery you do when you’re online. Tumblr’s made it pretty straighforward, though it still requires an ugly del.icio.us-esque pop-up to work its magic.

Scott over at Laughing Squid has a nice post wrapping up the current commentary on Tumblr and offering some thoughts of his own on how it brings blogging back to basics. As a fan of lightweight and straightforward tools, I’m glad to see people digging on how easy Tumblr is to get started with. It validates some of the crazy ideas I was lucky enough to get to play with.

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