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April 2, 2007

Talking Heads – (Nothing but) Flowers
Tibor Kalman (M&Co.) provided a typographic solution for his first video collaboration with the Talking Heads
tags: video design tiborkalman

Notes of a Gastronome: The Taming of the Chef
“I do television so I can do New York,” Ramsay explained… “Basically, I’m a prostitute. I prostitute myself so I can have a restaurant here. But I don’t fully take off my knickers.”
tags: cooking food gordonramsay marcopierrewhite

CJR Daily: Charting the Connection Between Booze and News
“Published in the winter 2007 volume of Journalism History, ‘Depression, Drink and Dissipation’ finds that almost half of the best people to ever push a noun against a verb in newsprint were debilitated by depression, serious anxiety, or bipolar disorder; over a third were titanic drunks, pill-poppers, or opium-addicts; nearly a third were serial philanderers, and a sizable bunch were misogynists, man-eaters, or violent bullies.” [via reel pop]
tags: media writing

New Bar Codes Can Talk With Your Cellphone – New York Times
Kevin Slavin saw this and twittered: “NYT answers voice mail from 2003 and writes a story about something called ‘semacode’ ”
tags: mobile semacode

Transmedia Storytelling 101
Henry Jenkins writing on the world-building and immersive elements of narratives split out across media types. [via bbj]
tags: storytelling seams transmedia writing jenkins games reference toread

On happiness, “better” and the ludic « Speedbird
Great conversation in the comments about “fun” and the obligations of the interaction designer. Dan Saffer, Adam Greenfield, Jane McGonigal, and myself (among others) take part. tags: games interactiondesign

Champagne Bottle Sizes
“My Judy Really Makes Splendid Belching Noises” = Best. Mnemonic. Ever. (Magnum, Jerobaum, Rehobaum, Methusala, Salmanazar, Balthazar, Nebuchadnezzar)
tags: food drink

Body Language: How to Talk the Designers’ Talk
“With cars, words and metal share territory: each brand’s vocabulary of shapes is collectively known as its design language.”
tags: design automotive language

Lewis Carroll’s Ocean Chart « strange maps
“The absurdity of the map is that it only shows ocean, literally illustrating nothing, and therefore cannot be a very helpful navigating tool.” – I’ve seen too many IA deliverables that look like that. [via BLDBLOG]
tags: design inspiration maps

Motif of harmful sensation
Found during my research into Stendhal syndrome. The phenomenon is intriguing, but really, I’m looking for the ecstatic opposite of this – people encounter visual (art), lingual (poetry), auditory (guitar solos) and other sensory cues that evoke transcendent pleasure. What’s the neurological basis?
tags: concept culture health psychology reference

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