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March 29, 2007

Stendhal syndrome
Reading an NY Times article in today’s special Museum section pointed me towards a potential neuro/psych basis for “elegant moments” in interface design.
tags: art museum science design interactiondesign interfacedesign psychology health

what to do when they don’t (tecznotes)
Mike Migurski posts some great 70s Time Life home appliance infopr0n.
tags: informationdesign infographic visualization

WPF and the Next Generation of Online Comic Book Reading
This could be one of the better sessions at MIX this year. Rock.
tags: comics comicbooks

What’s Your Favourite Virtual Community?
VampireFreaks, and other vibrant niche communities
tags: community

infosthetics: the beauty of data visualization
The guys at Stamen get a (well-deserved and huge) mention in this new interview with Andrew Vande Moere
tags: infodesign inspiration design Visualization infographics

Ben Templesmith interview at Rave magazine
tags: comics comicbooks creativeprocess

Recipe: Caramel Risotto
Add raisins and walnuts and you’ve got Slow Club’s breakfast risotto. I disagree with their dumping in all the milk at once – risotto should be nurtured along, not drowned.
tags: recipe food

LifeClever: Action Areas
Champory points out how others are designating physical spaces for objects that require action. Interesting.
tags: design gtd productivity

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