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super deluxe is live, sweet cheeks

There are no guarantees in the consulting business.

You can’t always count on the fact that your client will be a bunch of super-dedicated people who you both respect and enjoy working with. You’d be foolish to think that your work will remain conceptually-whole long after your involvement is over. And you’re certifiably insane if you hold out hope that the final product will not only surpass your expectations, but be so damn good-looking that you can’t believe your good fortune to have been involved with it in the first place.

In a rare example of all of those things happening in one project, Super Deluxe launched yesterday. I already got to hype it on the Adaptive Path blog.

super deluxe logo

From the time they contacted us, the Super Deluxe team was looking to do something that was different enough in online video that it could make for a unique and entertaining experience. I could waste a lot of words explaining what the difference from other sites is, but I’ll quote Fark’s Drew Curtis explanation of why FarkTV chose to debut on Super Deluxe:

Super Deluxe is the first broadband network launching entirely with original production-quality content. They’re not doing what everyone else is doing. They’re not putting a huge stable of crappy re-runs online that youve already seen on TV a million times. They’re not inundating their network with thousands of videos of people playing guitars or candid little vignettes of guys getting kicked in the nuts (although that stuff is pretty funny). No one has ever seen this before – it’s an Internet-launched network with professionally produced shows. It’s the future of video.

I’ve always kinda wished that the work we get to do in this industry came with the equivalent of a credit reel, like in the movies. For the time being, blog posts like this are gonna have to suffice:

On the Adaptive Path side, I got to lead Andi Lewis and Jen Wolf to help refine the concept and complete the original interaction design (and a bunch of stuff that’s not even released yet). I want to thank both of them for the hard work, commitment and tolerance for general craziness they put forward. We kicked off the project months ago in Atlanta, and received probably the best executive directive I’ve ever heard: “Don’t fuck it up.It’s (sort of) an inside joke, but I like to think that we might have even surpassed that metric for success.

I know that the Super Deluxe team has expanded multiple times to make the launch possible, but I want to thank all the people I worked with directly – for the opportunity, and for the TREMENDOUS job they did in turning that fat stack of wireframes and concept sketches into gorgeous reality: Jim and Erlene were my kick-ass interaction design counterparts on the Super Deluxe team; Todd pushed us to come up with great interaction solutions, and fulfilled his part of the bargain with an absolutely crackin’ visual design; Robert actually made all of the technology work, despite all the functionality we crammed in there; Andrea kept us on task and organized; and Buzz – I have no idea how you did it with the baby on the way, but you led the whole team to success and glory.

Nice job all around guys – it was an pleasure to work with you.

[credit for the logo above has gotta go to Drake on Flickr]

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