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January 10, 2007

my google reader trends

Oh, how I love good reportage.

The Measure Map team’s incorporation into the Googleplex is starting to pay dividends. I made the transition from Bloglines to Google Reader a few months ago – the Reader is simply a better interface for reading and managing my subscriptions. With the addition of trend visualization for my reading frequency and the rate of update for individual feeds, I’m officially hooked.

These are fantastic numbers for discerning what I’m paying attention to. Considering I regularly talk about trying to aggregate people’s attentions, the trends interface represents a tremendous boon for distributed teams. I absolutely cannot wait to see where this leads – I get the feeling this is just the beginning of the data visualization bonanza the Measure Map team can provide Google.

[On the request tip, guys? Can I get a link to the trends interface from the Reader dashboard? Right now, the only someone is gonna find this is through a blog post…]

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