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daylife launches beta

January 4, 2007

I read more news than is probably healthy for my mood – mostly politics and business. I’m picky about sources, and I’m a fan of anything that gives me enough material upfront to see if a story is worth my time to click through and read more. Up til now, that’s meant I spend a lot of time on Memeorandum, but with the launch of Daylife, it looks like I’ve got another (very well designed) option.


Now in beta, Daylife treats stories in a remarkably visual fashion, putting photography (check out the covers section) and pull quotes front and center, all while providing a multitude of links to coverage by quality legacy media outlets. All of these things help me do quick evaluations of a story’s merits; if I choose to persue them, the variety of sources let me triangulate on the truth of any given story – small variations in coverage can indicate where a story is headed (or whether it’s got “legs” or not).

I’m definitely intrigued by the project, and look forward to seeing how well it fits into my regular media diet.

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