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retiring status messages

It’s 2007; a fresh start requires us to put things away that have grown stale or played out in the previous year. Of course, I’m talking about instant messaging status messages. I don’t really do resolutions, but I will commit to putting to rest the status indicators I’ve used this year.

It’ll be hard – as obtuse as most of them are, they convey a TON of information about what’s up with me… they just require a bit of creative interpretation.

Ten status messages you won’t see again (from me) in 2007

  1. “supreme clientele” – a Ghostface reference, usually implying that I’m dealing with clients
  2. “Freitas on Civility” – I’m still amused by the title of Mark Bernstein’s post on my Wikipedia comments
  3. “we smoke as we shoot the bird” – Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s Mooninites are a treasure trove of tough guy language
  4. “remarkable but unmarketable” – Aesop Rock sums up how I feel about too many of the ideas I get
  5. “yes i said yes i will yes” – usually a direct response to something Dan asks, since I know he gets the Joyce reference (I don’t use that final punctuation)
  6. “gritty, debonair, battling” – this one is pure ego; it’s from Carter Beats the Devil, and three words I’d love to live up to
  7. “bad scene, everyone’s fault” – when things get hectic, Jawbreaker‘s always got the best way to describe it
  8. “aim away from face” – sage advice from Halo‘s M19 SSM Rocket Launcher
  9. “poor impulse control” – guilty as charged
  10. “if destroyed, still true”
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