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5 things learned in 100 posts

November 30, 2006

picture-3.pngThis is the 101st post for Second Verse. I’ll admit, that felt like an accomplishment… til I realized that Valleywag accomplishes the same in about a week, and I’ve been at this since April. Regardless – I’d like to thank you for reading, and share some some things I’ve learned since I started blogging again:

1) Never, ever mention GOR and Second Life in the same post. Seriously. The referals I now get from search engines frighten the hell out of me.

2) It’s great for getting Kottke’s attention, but try not to call TechCrunch readers “Web2.0 retards

3) Relying on daily posts of your del.icio.us links is the easiest way to convince your readers that you are really, really lazy. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.

4) Turning off comments is anti-community, but pro-sanity.

5) When all else fails, make a stupid video.

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