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show your work

How to share concept work when your not in the same room as your collaborators? I like taking photos of my white board work, but wanted to create something that showed things as they evolved. Why not a video?

I used Gawker to take this time-lapse Quicktime using my built-in iSight. The clip itself is only 6 seconds long, despite the fact that the whole sketch took me 40 minutes or so at the board (watch the clock). I need to work on those settings.

I’m a big dork for making a YouTube video out of it, but yeah, that’s how I work. Working on concepts for me is an almost entirely visual set of exercises. Baked into the sketch are notions of time, process, behavior, dependency and points of contact. Eventually, this will turn into a set of recommendations for how a system should work, what behaviors it should foster, and where development priorities need to be placed.

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