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October 31, 2006

Del.icio.us’ daily link generation for Second Verse has been rather spotty. I’m working out the kinks, trust; in the mean time, here is some of what del.icio.us neglected to post:

  • Jen Wolf, Andi Lewis and I collaborated with Turner’s team to refine the concept and design the experience for Super Deluxe, a targeted video distribution platform. Congratulations on reaching this milestone, guys!

  • Nick Carr on the long year since Ray Ozzie’s memo on the “internet services disruption”

  • Well, those accommodations certainly look more spacious than my hotel room in Berlin.

  • I’ve experienced every single problem Tom describes with my own MacBook Pro. It would be almost funny if the damn thing hadn’t cost a small fortune.

  • Huge respect to the 37s guys for releasing a free HTML version of their very successful book.

  • Etre survey the sites of FTSE 100 (read: British) companies to see which break in IE7. Scary – IE 6 display hacks meant to maintain standards compliance break in IE7.

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