easily distracted

You’d be forgiven for thinking I haven’t read or thought about collaboration since I did my presentation at this years User Experience Week. My posts on that subject (like others) come in flurries, and go away pretty quickly. I’m still paying attention. Here, look at this:

The guys over at 37signals posted about their use of lightweight status messages to keep one another aware of what they’re working on. Says Matt: “In the morning, when we log in to Campfire, we each do an [IN] post that reveals our plan for the day. It’s just a few lines or maybe a paragraph.”

My presentation on collaboration at UX week included a piece on communicating snippets of status as an easy way to passively collaborate within a distributed team. I focused on using IM status messages, Flickr and Twitter to broadcast presence, to dos and non-interuptive invitations. Seeing the way 37signals uses Campfire, I’ll be certain to include it and how they make use if it in future versions of my presentation.

The research I did for that talk is finding new life now that I’ll be working with Andy Kiang and the folks putting together Berkeley’s >play Digital Media Conference. They’re looking for the best means to let attendees share their conference experience and thoughts with one another. Additionally, it looks like I’ll be speaking on a panel devoted to the impact of digital media distribution on established content producers. More details as I get them.

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