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odd intersection: “studio 60” and web collaboration

September 11, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

In time for the heavily anticipated debut of “Studio 60,” the New York Times writes that legendary writer Aaron Sorkin will be hard-pressed to stay on top of his scripting responsibilities with all of the other things crowding his calendar. But don’t worry, he’s got the Internet!

In January Mr. Sorkin will head to Morocco for three weeks on location for a movie he has written, an adaptation of the George Crile book “Charlie Wilson’s War.” The director, Mike Nichols, has asked him to participate during the shoot.

While Mr. Sorkin is in Morocco, he will try to supervise “Studio 60” over the Internet… “What I’m hoping is that it’s possible for me to be gone without anyone in the cast or crew noticing. Then it won’t be like Mom and Dad have left the house.”

Oh, I’d love to know how he’s gonna pull that off. Dailies streamed from a secure site? Script notes by email? A basecamp? Or does he go the Thomas Keller route and set up a dedicated video link with the studio? There’s a ton of possibilities. I’m hoping there’s more actual coverage of what they wind up using.

Who wants to bet that no matter what nifty (or basic) web collaboration effort NBC brings to bear, this show still ends up with production issues before the first season is even finished?

[thanks to Dan for the NY Times link]

  1. September 11, 2006 at 4:07 pm

    NBC released the Studio 60 pilot on Netflix over the summer, which I must say was a really smart viral marketing move. I saw it, and although it’s good in all the ways a Sorkin show is supposed to be good, it’s odd that the web is mentioned not once.

    Hopefully, I’m not spoiling anything by revealing that the plot of the episode involves a live broadcast that has several characters criss-crossing Los Angeles, clamoring to see “the tape!” Clunky physical tapes. Of course, in real life, it would be Tivo.

    It’s hard to make any grand predictions based on a pilot, but since the whole concept of Studio 60 is about taking a “how sausage is made” look at the TV industry, I’ll be interested to see how far NBC and Sorkin go to bring the real world of youtube, myspace, bittorent, and ipods into the show.

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