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life during wartime

I’ve gotten a couple IMs and emails asking how things are in London at the moment. The answer is just fine. The BBC has already moved on to the part where they emphasize the word “alleged” any time anyone says “terror plot,” and every piece of coverage includes a serious bit of reportage on the vilification of Islam. Translation: everything’s moved back to normal, such as it was. Status quo ante.

To be honest, I knew everything was peachy once they started devoting huge swaths of coverage to Beckham being left off the England squad by the new manager. Life does go on, after all…

All kidding aside, I’m good, and eager to be getting to DC for User Experience Week. I’ve got significantly more faith in British security services than I do in the Department of Homeland Security, so I’ve little doubt I’ll arrive in one piece.

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  1. john
    August 11, 2006 at 7:54 pm

    way to dis’ the homeland, dude. i always knew u were a dixie chick! bravo!

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