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Last week, I stopped reading my Bloglines subscriptions. You know what?

It feels fantastic. Liberating, even.

I am completely ignorant as to what new utterly inane meme is making the rounds. I’m sure I’d be fairly dull to speak to, at the moment. To assuage my sense of loss, I have found myself to be outstandingly productive. Shedding the compulsion to read the feeds has made me sleek and aerodynamic, a steam-driven and angular thing… like some Futurist representation of progress made flesh.

It seems that if I’m ever to get anything done, I occasionally have to stop paying attention to what everyone else is doing. I’ve done so, and am feeling better. Almost done prepping for my User Experience Week presentation and panel. Dry run is Wednesday, then some final tweaking – and done.

London awaits, then Beaulieu. Old friends, old stones. So ready to be there I can hardly stand it.

Categories: big games, writing
  1. john
    August 2, 2006 at 7:14 am

    No wonder I didn’t see any insightful comments from u on my brilliant blog posts.

    P.S. Mel Gibson got busted for a DUI and made a big ass out of himself!

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