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The Amazing Screw-on Head

Oh man – I just found this, thanks to Convergence Culture: the pilot for Mike Mignola‘s Amazing Screw-on Head is now available for preview at SciFi.com. Here’s the link. More on this later, I need to watch it again.

[update] Yeah, that’s pretty much fantastic. This is absolutely more of a post for my Vox account, but I figure those of you who read my posts about comics might want to know about this. You can find the backstory of the original one-shot comic Mike did in that Convergence Culture link above (and elsewhere).

The pilot is more ambitious than the single issue comic, explaining relationships and tensions between the characters. The fidelity of the animation to Mignola’s style is remarkable, tho – this is what I’m hoping for from the Hellboy cartoon, but I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna get it.

[update 7/18] My friend Helen just IMed to let me know that the best place to find out more info on the Hellboy cartoon is (naturally) their Typepad blog. Check it.

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