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the monkey gets left behind

I’m happy to see that Condé Nast has reunited Wired’s far flung publishing arms. As someone who enjoyed and relied on Wired News and Webmonkey all through college, the downward turn both properties took after separated from the magazine has been disheartening.

While I’m excited to see what happens next, the news that Webmonkey won’t be included in the deal is unfortunate – in a time of rampant change in front-end development for web apps, only Lycos could figure out how to let such a good resource waste away.

It’s a damn shame, from my perspective.

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  1. john
    July 12, 2006 at 10:40 am

    damn shame, indeed. “back in the day” webmonkey was a great place to go for filtering through all the emerging technologies like animate GIFs and frames. (admit it, we all tried building sites with frames in those days, didn’t we?)

    p.s. blog here. riff-raff aren’t allowed to comment on vox.

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