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I’ve been in a mood to challenge myself lately, so I’ve been sort of locked in a dynamic of figuring out where my boundaries are and forcing myself to operate outside of them. I’d credit Chris and his recent spate of accomplishments for the inspiration (which are all rather neat and worthy of applause), but it seems I’ve been working towards this point for a while now – I’m just sort of realizing it because the pace has slacked for a moment.

To be honest, Chris has gotten some more impressive things done than I have in the last few weeks. At the very least, I’ve not jumped out of any planes. I have, however purchased my first tuxedo, which you wouldn’t think requires extensive research, but in order to feel comfortable I wound up all over the net. The tux was for Ryan’s wedding, which I was honored to preside over as a minister of the Universal Life Church. My duties included writing and delivering my first homily, which was (and will most likely remain) the only time I have spoken publicly on the topic of tree-grafting.

So, you know, if you missed it – it really was your loss.

At the moment, I’m furiously pounding away at an idea that seized me while I was in Santa Monica; I’m fleshing out the concept and the interaction model for a small productivity tool. I’ll be doing the design as well, God help me, and I’ve decided to explore what an app designed by a Banksy fanboy (who lacked any notion of design chops) would look like. Setting your sights low seems to be the operative rule here. David Verba has indulged me and is preparing to turn my affronts to the very idea of comps into a functioning proof of concept. We’re giving ourselves two weeks, part time. That’s it.

If we don’t have something to show off by then, screw it, we must not have been that interested in the idea anyways.

The challenges will continue, no doubt about it. Unlooked for and unprecedented, I’m certain. Cross your fingers.

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  1. john
    June 20, 2006 at 9:22 am

    How about posting the text of that homily, reverend?

  2. June 22, 2006 at 6:15 pm

    I’m gonna leave that one up to the groom…

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