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friday linkdump resurrects the beast

The Lost finale and the launch of the Lostpedia have lead to sweet memories of The Beast. Jane McGonigal's paper on collaborative play and problem-solving is still the most insightful account of the Cloudmakers and their engagement with the game.


Calls-to-action to construct your identity in social networks: do more people really personalize their avatars if the default avatar is expressionless and dull?


Anil stays on his grind, cousin… and reminds us all that the data-wake we leave on the net is long, wide, and open to interpretation and conjecture by complete strangers.


Friday comic highlight: I actually bought this a bit ago, but I've gotta rave about Ben Templesmith's new solo book Wormwood. He's obviously been spending too much time with Ellis, who has GOT to be the inspiration for the title character's drinking-buddy/homemade automaton Mr. Pendulum.

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