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like waiting for a 21 hayes

So the other question I’ve gotten over the past year has been, “So, when are you gonna have an essay up over at AP.com?” That day would appear to have arrived with the launch of Sphere. The essay is called Balancing Power and Simplicity, and it’s available now.

As Jared from Louisville over at frog liked to say, “that’s hott like fire.”

So I’m delighted the site has launched, and quite happy the essay is up, and totally aware that more than 3 people will be looking at Second Verse today has everything to do with the little link Lane put in my bio at the end of the essay. That was nice of him, wasn’t it? Except I’m not really totally satisfied with everything I said in what I wrote in the esay. Getting a feel for the AP audience is kind of difficult, to be honest. Writing for AP, I know I’m addressing (for the most part) other IAs and interaction designers, so I feel vaguely stupid (effectively) saying things like “Uh, hey, it appears it’s a good idea to make the home page of a search site all about the keyword entry field. Oh, and make it big.”

I can already hear the collective, “Really? No shit?”

I reasoned that I had to write a case study that’d be as clear for multiple audiences as the one Doug Bowman wrote when he worked with AP on the redesign of Blogger. I read that article a bunch of times to get comfortable talking about specific design decisions in my work. I’m hoping I was successful in covering the major decisions we made in the initial phases of the work.

So, thanks for following the link and coming to Second Verse. The depth of posts here is pretty damn shallow, right now, seeing as I just started writing again after a five year hiatus. Regardless, take a look around, subscribe to the RSS, drop me an email (hierarch [at] gmail [dot] com)… and enjoy.

You’ll be hearing more from me.

[update] Doh. Looks like the Sphere launch has been pushed off for a bit… you’ll be able to play with the site soon, I hope. Essay will continue to be up, tho. I’ll update again when the launch gets confirmed.

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