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it’s the little things

April 12, 2006

I refuse to adopt kGTD (it’s a cult, I swear), and was utterly disappointed with high priority after paying for it. I begrudgingly adopted the tadalist widget for lack of a better option – and found myself liking it a hell of a lot more than Tadalist by itself. If it would give me the option to *not* refresh everytime I F12 and I could create a new list within the widget, I’d never have to spend another second within the actual app.

I mention all of that to say this: despite all of the shit I need to get done that sits sadly neglected, I was able to cross one thing off my list today that was positively satisfying. Yesterday’s WSJ center column article [paid reg req] on people who are destroying the embedded RFIDs in their MasterCard PayPass cards gave me a nice moment of Reynoldsian “heh”. At eTech this year, I got to sit in on Jen King’s oh-so-engaging presentation on “location-aware” (read: Everyware) systems – during the Q&A, I asked Jen how long she thought it would be before people started nuking their credit cards, building faraday cages into overcoats, or whatever out of fear of the RFIDs they were now semi-compelled to carry on their person. And here was a major newspaper addressing the issue. Hot.

The article, being right up Jen’s alley, provided a great excuse to finally get off my ass and get Jen talking to my recent acquaintance from SXSW, Adam Greenfield. Adam and I get along quite well due to shared Tokyo psychic trauma, and the fact that he lets me talk his ear off. He’s also brilliant, and rightly getting huge amounts of attention for his new book on the emergence of the systems both the article and Jen speak about. Making certain all involved got to see the article and talk to one another was a nice accomplishment, after a day spent primarily treading water, while more things to be done piled up.

Fuck it. That’s gotta deserve a Fernet.

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